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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 10:36

The school building renovation


In 2010 the school has started implementation of the project based on Structural Funds of European Union.

According to this project, all the premises and facilities of „Rainbow Way“ secondary school will be renovated. The main goals of the project:
1. Renovation of the school;
2. Preparation of the school for its economic exploitation (insulation of the frontage, replacement of windows and doors, complete overhaul of window-cases, the repairs of foundations, renovation of heating unit, pipeline replacement);
3. The repairs of premises that comprise 850 square meters;
4. Construction and repair works which include installation of pipelines and drainage system; maintenance of electricity supply system and installation of drainage fire-protection equipment;
5. The additional storey of the school, which cover 70 square meters, will be designated for making two additional classrooms.
6. Expansion of school hall and canteen;
7. To buy all the necessary equipment, furniture and school supplies.

After complete implementation of this project “Rainbow Way” secondary school will make a name as Christian Gymnasium. The aforementioned project has started in September of 2010. The first half of the year was designated for project design works and search for contractors. In September of 2012 there was made a contract based on construction and project design works. According to this contract, reconstruction of the school will have been finished by June of 2014.
We would be grateful if you could take part in implementation of the project based on Structural Funds of European Union and contribute to reconstruction of “Rainbow Way” secondary school! You can contribute by donating money or by promise to have faith in God. Moreover, you can donate money in the course of the whole period of project implementation (duration of the project – 16 months).
We promise to assist you by praying and through promise that one day the LORD will repay and multiply for your contribution.
Bank account for making contribution to reconstruction of the school: LT 057044060005906726.
We would like to thank you in advance.

“He is our God and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand“, Psalm 95:7.

Video of the school

Pre-school class

gera gauti dovanu Let’s start prepare for the school together!

We have pre- school group for 5 – 6 years old children in the school.  We have large and cozy classroom for them. Books, toys, and all necessary equipment – everything what children may need to play, to learn or have fun for day by day.

Children can have meals for choice – breakfast and lunch.
Working hours of pre-school group is from 8 am. until 1 pm.
We can take care after your kid until 5 pm, according request of parents
Our best pedagogues work with children.  Teachers give music, English and Holy Bible lessons besides other occupations.
We have all necessary conditions to help children be well prepared for the school.

If you have any questions - we will be glad to answer you.
Please contact our management


Postcards with drawings of pupils

Drawings of our pupils

Record of music performance” Happy prince”

diskasRecord of music performance was done in 2007.  It's a record of school play, in which participated our students. Perfomance done according story of O.Waild "Happy prince" - 45 min.